Valandovo & Mama Stina

Biography Mama Stina - Avgustina Popova

Mrs Augustina Popova, who had been called Mama Stina by generations of close relatives and Cina Majko (Aunt Mum) by more distant ones, was born in Valandovo in 1920. She grew up in a family of five people in poor but heartfelt circumstances. Her mother taught her most of her later tasks.

She had always liked culinary things, singing, crocheting, folklore and other activities all of them were to become important parts of her later life.

At the age of 16, Augustina got married to George Popov, son of a wealthy Valan-dovo family. George worked as the managing director of the local post office. The Popovi family was a rather big one and employed many farm workers. This required enormous commitment in kitchen and household. Augustina, who was the oldest female member of the family, undertook this big task with passion.

Little Augustina became a pretty, graceful and modern young woman whose out-standing feature was her goodnaturedness.

Goodnaturedness, calmness and goodness of her heart accompanied her her whole life. George and Augustina had six children unfortunately only two of them stayed alive: Ana and Maria. Ana and Maria gave Augustina five grandchildren who are still commemorating her and passing on the memories to their children.

Moreover, Augustina worked as a juror at court for many decades and became committed to politics.

We, Daniel Gligorov and Brankica Dancevska ne Milojevik, two out of fice grand-children, have felt the urgent need to thank our grandmother who was like a mother for us.

She lovingly brought us up to decent people.

We have decided for this website as a way for everyone to find out what a wonderful person Mama Stina was and to let her live on generation for generation.

Try the recipes you will find here, enjoy the meals and get to know the cuisine we grew up with.

In commemoration of our dear grandmother! She will always be in our hearts!

Your grandchildren

Brankica and Daniel

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