Valandovo & Mama Stina

                                                 Valandovo Folk Festival

Valandovo is a small town in the south-east of Macedonia – and the place where the first festival of Macedonian folk music and songs was created and held.

The first festival didn’t come unexpected but as a result of the continuity of the rich and long musical tradition of this region. It was held in 1985 and became a new tradition promoted from its very beginning. For almost 20 years now, the festival has presented a most valuable music and has gained great national significance.

The chief organizers of the festival faced some problems and difficulties but nevertheless they never gave up their idea. The festival was very fast well accepted by the audience.

In 1989, a summer festival stage with 1,200 seats was built and all performances from 1985 – 89 were broadcast on television and so seen by 30,000 people. Valandovo musical production has issued 35 audio-cassettes, records and video-cassettes.

Finally the FOLK FEST has been admitted to FIDOV – the world Federation of Festival Organisations, with its head office in Los Angeles, USA. This membership enables a worldwide presentation of both Macedonia and the festival. The festival has also received several awards, among others one by Deutsche Welle, a German radio station, for special achievements among our immigrants.

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